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and some choice words from president obama for russia put i hope. >> also land slide that is buried hundreds of peoples in remote corner of afghanistan. and california getting a little closer to building a hydrogen highway. stay here another highway. stay here another half hour of >> good evening once again. anks for being here. start this half hour over seas to ukraine. new boiling point on the ground there tonight. choppers down by gunfire. buildings set aflame. ancient city erupting in violence as pro russian forces and ukraine troop do battle in the streets. we are there. >> street battle are now neighbor versus neighbor. in the city here explosion and tear gas. this battle cry ringing out. on one side those who want the country to stay united on the other those who want to separate being supported by russia. fight spark thanksgiving fire at the separatist headquarters leaving people dangling from at least 31 dead. elsewhere pro russian mob hitting back taking down 2 helicopters and stopping this armored carrier from advancing. day after storming yet another governmen
were shut down. the white house discussed sanctions against russia. >> the goal is not to punish russia. the goal is to give them incentive to choose the better course. >> the un security council also held a request today. >> 250 people are dead and thousands missing tonight following a major landslide in afghanistan. days of heavy train triggered the slide in northeastern afghanistan. crews looking for people trapped in the rubble. officials say they don't have enough equipment. >> tesla motors says it will appeal an $89,000 fine from cal osha. tesla cited for seven violations in october. cal oesh afound tesla allowed workers to use the equipment anyway. one of the injured workers is still recovering are from burns. >> just ahead tonight a crucial connector from bicycle riders. >> who are you? [whispering] i'm the breakfast fairy. what are you doing? leaving you a few bucks. that's all you need for my - sourdough breakfast melts, with your choice of ham, egg and cheese, or bacon egg and cheese, both on toasted sourdough. right now they're 2 for just $4.00. there's no such thing as the
union are imposing new sanctions offer the crisis with russia and the ukraine. >>> south korea's coast guard has released new video showing the captain of a ferry that sank two weeks ago abandoning his ship ahead of hundreds of passengers. the video shows the captain in a long sleeved dark shirt and shorts being pulled to safety. the clip was taken just before the ferry became submerged with hundreds of passengers still trapped below deck. at least 188 people are confirmed dead and more than 100 others are still missing and with very little hope, frankly none left. >>> at least half a dozen drug companies are rushing to develop new drugs that could help the elderly walk again and rebuild muscle strength. the drugs focus on blocking a protein called myostat inthat curbs muscle group as we age. even scientists not involved in the trials are optimistic about this. the drug are in early stage testing right now. muscle loss affects 15 to 20% of the population over the age of 65 or 70 so it's a huge issue. the biggest concern that the drug could be misused by athletes, body builders or other
on russia considering the crisis in ukraine. penalties in response to what western leaders say is russia's failure to follow through on a commitment. >> the mother of a south bay boy who survived a nearly six hour flight a wheel well says she's now working to be reunited with her. this is the mother living in a somali refugee camp. she says her ex-husband took the three kids to california telling them their mother died. her son learned she was alive he snuck on to the tarmac at san jose airport and on to a plane. saying quote my son was silenced with you intelligent when with me i know concealed himself to see me she is now on a list to imgreat to america and could be here in less than a year >> authorities in connecticut say single paul simon ask his wife are not likely to be charged after an incident at their home. both arrested for disorderly conduct. sources say someone called 911 and hung up they found evidence of physical violence and injuries described as very minor. >> we love each other. we're fine. we had an argument. it's over. >> her attorney says it was no more than a one on
are hurting russia and put i hope knows it but the relationship appears to be getting more personal. president put i hope was asked if he thought president obama with save him if he were drowning. here's jonathan karl asking the question. >> president putin was asked if he were drowning would you save him and he said he thought would you save him so i'm just wondering, was he correct on that? >> i have absolutely would save mr. putin if if he were drowning. i would like to think that if anybody is throughout drowning i'm going to save them. >>reporter: president obama has not spoken to put i hope in a we can but did speak with european lead bears new round of sanctions against russia and they could come soon from what we hear. >> u.s. stock market fell sharply today dragged down by disappointsing earnings from am so that and ford and escalating tension over you escape. they slumped 10 percent after it was operating loss for second quarter continuing to invest in the business. other big tech names like facebook also fell. down the industrial average di dips 140 points on the d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5